The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) was founded in 1959 and it was the first television service to broadcast on the territory of Bulgaria. Currently BNT operates on the basis of the ‘Radio and Television Act’ promulgated in the State Gazette, issue 138/1998.

Under the Act, BNT is a legal entity based in Sofia and it is the national public service broadcaster and communications operator.As a public service broadcaster, the main purpose of BNT is to deliver a broad range of news and programming that keeps its audience informed about important issues and events in the areas of politics, economics, business, culture, science and education. Through its programming policy, BNT protects national interests and values, science and education; and represents the cultural heritage of all Bulgarian citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity. BNT caters for the diverse ideas and beliefs within society by reflecting the many different points of view and encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance in the relations between people.BNT has the commitment to produce a broad spectrum of national and regional programmes including ones about other countries, societies and cultures around the world; programmes that meet the needs of Bulgarian citizens whose mother-tongue is not Bulgarian, by the inclusion of original content in their own language; and programmes that keep Bulgarians living abroad up-to date with events in their home country.

BNT operates four regional production centres in the cities of Blagoevgard, Varna, Plovdiv and Rousse.In 1999, BNT launched the satellite channel ‘TV Bulgaria’ designed mainly for Bulgarians living abroad. In 2008, ‘TV Bulgaria’ began broadcasting 24 hours a day and is available in Europe, parts of Africa and Asia, the USA, Canada and the whole of South America. At the end of 2010, the channel was renamed ‘BNT World’.Channel BNT2 was launched in 2011. It pooled together the programming of the four regional centres. It is available free-to-air in the major cities in Bulgaria.BNT gives its viewers the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services and it was one of the earliest Bulgarian Media on the ‘World Wide Web’. Its website,, has been operative since the late 1990s. Through a button on the website, access to live streaming has been offered since 2010.

​BNT 2

BNT 2 is the second channel operated by the Bulgarian National Television (BNT). Launched on 16 October 2011, the channel shows a combination of locally produced programming from the five regional TV centres: BNT 2 Sofia, BNT 2 Blagoevgrad, BNT 2 Varna, BNT 2 Plovdiv and BNT 2 Rousse.

As part of its public service commitment, BNT2 offers a variety of programmes covering all aspects of day-to-day life of the Bulgarian people. The team aspires to produce modern TV output covering topics and discussions, in which viewers can get involved and contribute. It aims to reflect the most comprehensive picture of life in the country, offering a wide range of knowledge-building programmes, culture, arts, sports, entertainment and films and series.The news on BNT2 is simultaneously broadcast by the five regional TV centres: Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Varna, Plovdiv and Rousse. The main news is shown every night at 19:45. The midday news starts at 12:30. Regional news programming is the latest challenge of BNT 2 and now goes out every weekday, at 21:00 with bulletins from the five BNT2 regions.

BNT 2 is a 24-hour, free-to-air terrestrial channel, transmitted by DVB-T platforms and by DVB-C by all large cable TV operators. Live streaming is available through the BNT website.

BNT World

‘BNT World’ is a 24-hour satellite channel operated by the Bulgarian National Television. Launched in 1999, BNT World programming provides cultural and informative content produced in Bulgaria to meet the needs and interests of the nearly 3 million Bulgarians living in countries around the world and keep them connected with their homeland.

Since 13/10/2014 ‘BNT World’ has been transmitted through Intelsat 12 satellite with the following parameters: Orbital Position 45 E Kuband Frequency 11509 MHz Polarization Vertical Symbolrate – 10 000 Kbaud FEC: 2/3 DVB-S2 MPEG 4

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Tel.: +359 2 943 6003, +359 2 814 2533