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“Zdraveto Otblizo” is a programme about the mind, body and the environment we live in.

The programme focuses on how to improve health, how to keep your body in good shape and to live a healthy lifestyle. The message of the programme is for healthy spirit and soul, healthy food, clean environment and ethical attitude.

“Zdraveto Otblizo” will feature the latest innovations in the area of healthy life style, new studies of nature, life, environment, the market of foods and household goods, the quality, consumer rights and what foods and goods to choose.

Watch “Zdraveto Otblizo” from Monday to Thursday on BNT1 from 10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. with the host Maria Andonova and the author and producer Iva Dimitrova.

The programme runs for one hour and presents a new concept of the previous programme “Otblizo” (“At a Close Look”) with Maria.

“GET IN SHAPE WITH US” – a format with elements of a reality show. The participants are selected after a casting and will be consulted by various specialists. They will try the latest methods and approaches designed to improve the physical appearance, health and self-confidence. The programme shows the participants’ daily exercise, diet plans and progress. The team of specialists will help them solve problems related to the body, spirit and mind, environment, communication and psychology.

“HEALTH FILE” – a different look in the world of celebrities. Presented by Eva Kikerezova. Famous personalities will reveal their diet secrets and workout plans. They will share recipes and give tips for exercising.

“ON-LINE CONSULTATUION” – specialists and consultants of the programme will answer viewers’ questions on the facebook page of the programme.

“NATURE’s PHARMACY” – It is all about the healing power of nature. Viewers will discover natural remedies from Tibetan medicine, Ayurveda, super foods, homemade organic cosmetics and a variety of natural approaches to improve health and well-being.

“GREEN HOME” – the most recent innovations to make your home healthy and energy efficient – natural materials, eco-friendly appliances, clever homes, energy saving systems, new ideas about exterior, interior, architecture and outdoor spaces.

“PHENOMENA” – features an insight into mysticism, philosophy, new scientific discoveries, role of consciousness and mind. Facts and real-life experiences.

“HOW I WAS CURED” – personal stories of patients about their diagnoses and treatment, difficulties and absurd situations on the path of recovery.

“ABOUT THE CHILDREN” – topics related to raising children, providing parents with helpful information on how to keep them healthy, how to manage issues, advice about nutrition and foods, sports, children’s behavior and mental health.

“SHARE THE GOOD DEEDS” – letters from viewers, in which they share real-life stories about good deeds that have taken place in people’s lives, positive and inspiring events and stories about people who do the right thing.

Iva Dimitrova – Author and Producer

Maria Andonova – Host

Ivailo Zahariev – Co-host

Eva Kikerezova – Presenter of “Health File” feature

Plamen Nikolov – Director

Petya Milanova – script writer

Mihaela Petrova – script writer

Irena Dobreva – script writer

Kalina Staneva – script writer

Nevena Petrova – script writer

Niya Mantovska – script writer


Vessela Valkova

Petya Goicheva

Vessela Gercheva


Iva Dimitrova

Tel. : +359 2 814 25 67

Mobile: +359 889 90 55 92

facebook: Zdraveto otblizo