The names of Bulgaria's 17 newly elected members of the European Parliament became clear Thursday afternoon following the announcement of the Central Election Commission about the distribution of mandates among five political parties which will send representatives to the European Parliament.

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The ruling centre-right party GERB and its coalition partner The Union of Democratic Forces will have 6 European deputees: Mariya Gabriel, Andrey Kovachev, Andrey Novakov, Eva Maydell, Asim Ademov and Alexander Yordanov /UDF/.

The opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party has 5 mandates. Socialist envoys to the European Parliament will be Elena Joncheva, Sergey Stanishev, Peter Vitanov, Tsvetelina Penkova and Ivo Hristov.

The Movement for Rights and Liberties, predominantly Turks' minority party, gets three mandates in the EP: Atidzhe Alieva-Veli, Ilhan Kyuchyuk and Iskra Mihaylova.

There are two elected MEPs from the election list of VMRO nationalists. They are Angel Dzhambazki and Andrey Slabakov.

The right Democratic Bulgaria will have one representative to the European Parliament: Radan Kanev.