First level alert has been announced at the city of Vidin while second level alert is in force at Lom. Dykes, drainage fields and pump stations are monitored every day.

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For the moment there is no danger for the local population as well as risk of swamping the infrastructure at the Bulgarian riverside.

Monitoring has been enhanced so that in case of risky situation the necessary preventive measures are taken in time.

The river level is monitored round the clock by the Agency for Research and Maintеnance of the river Danube.

Agency's director Pavlin Tsonev explaines that there were 9 automatic hydrometric stations and 10 more stations are to be installed. They provide the hydrological datastand of the river online on the site of the Agency at every 15 minutes.

Moreover, the agency is monitoring the river level along the entire stream of the Danube.

Its forecast has not yet predicted flooding of the Bulgarian bank.