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‘Viara i obshtestvo’ is a one-hour weekly show that airs live every Saturday at 17:00 on BNT 1. It replays on Sunday morning on BNT World. From this season our viewers will be able to ask questions directly on air and share their views on the topics discussed.

The goal of the program is to present the biggest traditional religion in Bulgaria – Orthodoxy as part of our modern culture, including everything that it suggests or we want to suggest. As before, we shall remain true to our journalistic style and not conceal all that causes doubt and confusion in the society in respect with the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. We shall do direct broadcasts from various significant places in Sofia city and in the country that are centers of true spirituality. We shall also be where there are current problems that we can help solve.

Besides being developed as a magazine show for Orthodox journalism and culture, the program ‘Viara i obshtestvo’ will go beyond the infinite realm of Orthodox spirituality to seek expressions of faith among representatives of other traditional religious communities in our country such as Moslems, Catholics, Protestants, Armeno-Gregorians, and Jews. Naturally, one of our goals is also to popularize examples of dialogue and co-existence between different faiths in Bulgaria. We shall use every opportunity to offer you materials for different sacred things and places in the world that are related to the monotheistic cult, and for the life of other Orthodox Churches.

From this autumn our program section ‘Nedelno evangelie’ (English: ‘Sunday Gospel’) will be broadcast separately – on Sunday at 8.00 in the morning. This will be of help to those who are preparing for the Sunday mass or cannot attend it.

The team of ‘Viara i obshtestvo’ is waiting for you to watch ‘Nedelno evangelie’ live on Saturday at 17:00 and on Sunday at 8.00!


Telephone: +359 2 814 21 75


Donation account for restoration of the medieval monastery ‘St. Archangel Michael’ near the town of Tran:

IBAN BG84STSA93003100256900



Recipient: Tran Municipality

For restoration of ‘St. Archangel Michael’ Monastery

Help the asylum of Father Ivan in Novi Han!

Its 188 residents may remain without food until the middle of the month.

They are experiencing a shortage of timber and coal for the winter. You can help them with food products or money which can be transferred to the following bank account:

UNI CREDIT BULBANK – Branch Elin Pelin

IBAN: BG72UNCR 96601000411600


You may contact Father Ivan on his mobile phone: 0886 85 29 50