‘Umno selo’ (English: ‘Smart Village’)

A series of documentary movie portraits of Bulgarian artists – directors, actors, musicians, painters, poets and writers. Stories about the beauty of talent, feelings and experiences in art and in life. The show airs once monthly on Saturday at 17:00, lasting 46 minutes.

The goal of the authors is to track also the thread of time and to recognize circles of people and events that have built the cultural strata of the nation. The title of the series is marked by the idea of the author and the guarantee of uniform style and genre. The gallery of artistic personalities is entitled ‘Umno selo’, after the film of Donio Donev with the same title. The title – a metaphor of our community is associated with the idea to distinguish ‘the most-prominent’ representatives of our ‘village’, who are however one of us.

The movies are well-sustained in terms of dynamic pace, modern vision and editing. Each movie has its own drama, determined by the nature of a particular personality, its temperament, friendly circle, creative and life biography. Unexpected turns, twists, paradoxes and sense of humor drive the action, just as in the life of characters themselves. Each movie has a separate title, related to a dominant feature of the personality. Important for the series and its entry in the golden fund of BNT is that the talks and presentation of the personality go beyond the trivia, thus making the movie a ‘document’ for a particular person that is created according to the personality and not according to some self-serving ‘original’ model in which the personality studied must be put at all cost!