The first of the 20 trains, which will run on the third line of the underground in Sofia, was delivered on 11th of July. It saves 25% of energy because it has a function of returning energy when it stops or in inertia.

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This train is autonomous, but there will be a driver at the beginning. Subsequently, when the system is upgraded, it will move with an automated operation, without a driver.

Another brand new purchase is also a locomotive for maneuvers in the train depot.

All 20 trains will be delivered in Sofia by February next year.

Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova arrived on site to inspect the new carriages and the construction of the new metro station at the crossing of “Bulgaria” Blvd. and “V. Geshov “ Blvd.

The third underground line is scheduled to become opeartional in September 2019.