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‘Potrebitelskata koshnitsa’ (English: ‘Basket of Goods’)

The show ‘Potrebitelskata koshnitsa’ proves it is a real art to be a successful consumer. It aims at enhancing the consumers’ knowledge and awareness.

What are our rights as consumers? How to defend our rights? What are the European standards and practices? Are there shopping rules? The show gives answers to these and other important questions. It provides up-to-date information on inspections of the competent authorities of hazardous and harmful goods, of the market condition and prices, of the results from polls, local research and investigations.

‘Potrebitelskata koshnitsa’ teaches us what our consumer rights are both in respect of goods – food and industrial products and in respect of services – domestic, utility, administrative, health, education, transport, recreation and leisure, bank, financial and other - in other words consumption in its broadest aspect.

Watch ‘Potrebitelskata koshnitsa’ every weekday at 19:20, before the central news cast, and on Saturday at 13:00 only on BNT 2.

Contact phone: +359 2 814 2455