Bulgarian parliament passed Thursday the Personal Care Act which had been awaited for four years. Personal Care Act is part of a new regulatory framework concerning people with disabilities along with the new People with Disabilities Act passed on Wednesday.

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MPs finally adopted the bill which, as mothers of disabled children say, had been awaited since 2014 when they first started protests on the issue.

From now on the money for personal care will be transferred from the state's budget to the budget of the Social Care Ministry. The Agency of Social Support shall control the spendings of these funds.

The idea to keep a register of candidates willing personal assistance was rejected. MPs approved of the municipalities' right to delegate personal care activities.

Under the Personal Care Act personal care will be provided on the basis of an individual needs assessment performed according to a procedure laid down in the People with Disabilities Act.

Bisser Petkov, Minister of Labour and Social Policy, thanked all the people who contributed to the drafting of the new laws. According to him it demonstrated that the authorities met the main demand of the protesting mothers. Ombudsperson Maya Manolova saw great victory in the newly passed laws.

Mothers were triumphant over their achievement and destroyed their protest camp in front of the Parliament's building. However, their protest will be resumed in January, the tents will be relocated to the Ministry of Health Care and remain there until the reform is completed.