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‘Panorama’ (English: ‘Panorama’)

What is ‘Panorama’?

It is about the Bulgarian and the world events that affect and change everyone’s daily lives. It is about politics, economics, sociology and culture. It explores the big news stories; it unearths the key issues behind those stories; it identifies the key characters and their roles. It is in-depth analyses of the present and informed prediction of the future. This is ‘Panorama’!

The show seeks answers and explanations about the hottest issues from Bulgaria and the world. Watch as Bulgarian and world leaders share their opinions. See special reports and witness the experts live on air, as they explain and defend their often opposing positions.

‘Panorama’, hosted by Boyko Vasilev, is the weekly political overview show of the Bulgarian National Television.

Watch every Friday at 21:00pm on BNT1.


Bulgarian National Television

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

29 San Stefano Street

For the program ‘Panorama’

Telephone: +359 2 814 25 18 and +359 2 814 23 32


Facebook: "Панорама"