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‘NOVO 10+2’ (English: NEW 10+2)

The idea of the chart for modern Bulgarian music in different languages. ‘NOVO 10+2’ is to show viewers a great amount of new and valuable videos of modern Bulgarian artists, presented both in Bulgarian and other languages.

„News 10+2" is Bulgarian modern music chart including new clips, which are ranked by voting on the BNT website. The chart airs on the last Saturday of each month at 20.45 on BNT2. In each show 10 videos will be broadcast according to their positions based on the percentage of the collected votes of viewers, and two completely new offerings. In the next month the last two songs on the chart will drop out and instead two new videos will be included in the vote. Each edition of the music chart ‘NOVO 10+2’ features a special guest whose song is on the chart.

The chart is presented by Vasko Gromkov (VaGro).

Facebook: NEW 10+2