New prices of electricicity planned to be increased from July 1st by at least 3.5% and those of the central heating by at least 4.5% have been put to public discussion by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. Public representatives reject suggested rise of energy prices and strict auditing of energy provider companies.

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Public organizations and single protesters insist on changes to general conditions of providing households with heating - to introduce individual contracts between users and provider companies, to eliminate the accountant intermediary firms.

Public representatives want enhanced auditing by the Commission on thermal power plants and the way they prepare the invoices for deliveries.

National ombudsman Maya Manolova said that the so planned prices of the central heating is illogical and irrelevant because the natural gas price was to go down any moment, as announced by Bulgargaz.

Members of Active Users Federation are determined to demand the resignation of the whole Regulatory body if it does not reconsider suggested prices for heating services.

Some of the people staging their protest outside the building of the Commission have been invited to enter it and take part in the public discussion. There they have appealed for a standstill in energy prices /for heating and electricity/ in the coming 6 months.

Such a postponement, in their opinion, would give the regulator the opportunity to inspect all the companies providing energy and heating to the public and verify if they are correct in the invoicing of services.

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission has promised to consider all public proposals on the matter of energy prices.