All the administrative services in the sphere of tourism are to be given access by a single click starting from Monday, December 3, 2018.

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The Ministry of Tourism is the first state administration to offer all of its services online. They will be accessible round-the-clock and with no breaks. The e-access will be free of charge in the first year.

If you need any administrative service you should submit your documents for registration using electronic signature or face identification. First you register on the Ministry’s web site which takes no more than a minute, then you choose the service. For personalized electronic signature, you should download a self-service application on your cell phone. This application will scan your ID card and your face, so it is not necessary to submit any more personal data. All necessary personal information enters automatically your account.

After the free year the online service will be paid. You will be charged lv.2.00 per month. The Ministry of Tourism receives about 1500 service applications each year. At least half of them will not be on paper any more. By the end of this year the e-service will be available to users from all the countries of the European Union.