Stoyan Zaykov wanted for murder in Kostenets committed suiside last night firefighting with the police.

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Stoyan Zaykov was noticed in the vicinity of the village of Dolna Malina and was soon besieged by the police. They opened warning fire on him, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said.

When police besieged Zaykov he opened fire on them and then killed himself. Police operation took place in the roundabouts of Kostenets and Dolna Malina.

The fugitive was subject to pursue after he murdered his ex-wife on May 9. From that date on he was missing. On May 16 the body of another man was found who used to live close to Zaykov's home.

The investigation is now to find if the gun which Zaykov used for the suiside is identical with the gun of some of the murders. Police say there are no indications that the suspect had accomplices.