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‘Malki istorii’ (English: ‘Little Stories’)

A social slot of BNT 1 that launched on air of the National Television on December 6, 2011.

A short documentary form is aired every weekday at 16:35. The duration of the short form is 9 minutes. The one-hour public affairs and social talk show is aired on Saturdays, at 14:00.

If you feel lonely...

If you bump into thick walls and narrow thoughts...

If you need support...

If you want to change...and believe it’s worth...

Tell your story!

‘Little Stories’ - from Monday to Thursday.

Every Saturday small stories solve big problems.

The social slot is an attempt of the BNT to dedicate an entire line in its program to social issues.

The frame of content is very wide, as are the groups of disadvantaged people – people with disabilities, children at risk, single parents, people suffering from addictions and others.

Other topics featured in the show are related to the life of people from different ethnic groups in our country.

The show enables a public dialogue to develop on issues of social concern, government policy in this area and the work of civil sector.

Everyday from Monday to Thursday, one human story of any of the disadvantaged groups will be presented in the form of documentary narration.

Every Saturday at 14:00, the problems and issues raised by the stories during the week are discussed live in the studio of the social slot. People who told their stories, representatives of institutions, NGO’s, socially responsible people, advocates of various causes, politicians and other guests in the studio present their views.

The show is open to viewers, looks for feedback and enables different members of our society to meet and seek answers to pressing problems. If you want to tell your story, please call us and change your life the way you imagine it!

Leave your feedback on: +359 2 814 21 18


Facebook: Malki istorii

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‘Malki istorii’