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‘HISTORY.BG’ was initially launched as a project to commemorate six of the most significant historical events and their anniversaries: 100 years after the Balkan War; 100 years since Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built; 165 years since the birth of Hristo Botev – a Bulgarian national hero; 135 years anniversary of the Russian- Turkish War; 1150 years since the mission of the saints Cyril and Methodius in Great Moravia; and 70 years after the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews.

BNT, the public service broadcaster, marks those important historical anniversaries by providing a forum for live debate in a TV studio. The invited guests are prominent Bulgarian historians and specialists in the specific historic periods to be debated. The live audience of young university and school students also participate and direct questions and opinions to the panel of invited guests. The greatest merit of the project is that it brings together the top and most distinguished historians for thought-provoking debates that stimulate public interest. The discussions move from the TV screen to the social media networks and continue for days afterwards!

The presenters of the one hour long show are the BNT journalists Goran Blagoev – Phd in history and host of the programme “Faith and Society”; Andrei Zahariev – a lecturer and host of the programmes “The Day Begins in the Library” and “Sunday x 3”; and Georgi Angelov – a publicist, translator and host of the programme “The Day Begins with Culture”.

In the week preceding each show, BNT reminds its viewers about curious, forgotten, or even unknown facts related to the topic of the forthcoming discussion, by posing the short question, “Did you know that…..”?, which in practice is a promotion of the show.

Due to the great interest expressed by the viewing audiences, the programme season was extended beyond the 6 shows originally planned. The show is now broadcast twice a month and is dedicated to other important events in the history of Bulgaria.