Mladen Marinov explained that law enforcement should handle cases like the radicalised 16-year old schoolboy in the city of Plovdiv without disclosing information to the public.

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The changing operational situation imposes the necessity of creating anti-terror centres in this country, Interior Minister Mladen Marinov said Monday.

Anti-terror centres are necessary, Marinov added, in order to concentrate and process information so that it can become most easily accessible and thus the actions taken be synchronized by all the institutions.

Mladenov believes that sometimes it is in the interest of police work to restrain from information disclosure. He told the press that that case was clear as criminal one but it was quite serious with regard to the boy.

So it would be improper to place the child in the focus of public attention and deprive him from the opportunity to adapt himself to any social invironment, Minister Mladenov said in conclusion.