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This show airs on Saturday at 13:00 on BNT 1 and replays on BNT World every Sunday at 10:00 – a Saturday folklore show.

In the show ‘Ide nashenska muzika’ popular Bulgarian folklore performers participate – male and female singers, instrumentalists, orchestras and their soloists, small and large ensembles, chamber folk bands, dancing groups and choreographers… The studio is the meeting point of various people who are united by their folk preferences… In this way we respond to different musical preferences.

Musicians and music lovers talk about various issues and the music they love and is currently played, provoke interesting topics, make guests improvise live…

Daniel Spasov and Milen Ivanov, who are hosts with extensive experience in making folklore programs of BNT, guide the permanent flow of music, songs, dances and orchestral performances. The improvised conversation is full of both jokes and more significant topics. The folk studio is a place that brings together both participants and viewers around music, traditions, songs and folk dancing. The show offers color and dynamics, thus showing the richness and diversity of the Bulgarian folklore – with our best performers and through melodious and nice music.


Bulgarian National Television

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