The first hydrogen bus starts running in Bulgaria in May, Deputy Transport Minister, Angel Popov....

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The first hydrogen bus will be deployed in Bulgaria in May, Deputy Transport Minister, Angel Popov, said on 12th of March. He participated in a discussion on hydrogen fuels. Popov explained that work is under way to change the legislation to start construction of hydrogen charging stations on the main motorways.

The first hydrogen-powered bus will be delivered in Plovdiv within two months, said the Deputy Minister of Transport.

The first hydrogen charging station will be built within 2 years and will be located in Bourgas port. It is designed for ships which engines run on hydrogen fuel.

However, cars are a priority.

The ambition of the Ministry of Transport is to construct three more hydrogen charging stations in Sofia, Stara Zagora and Rousse by 2030, requiring them to be at a distance of 200 km from each other to be effective.

The Ministry of Transport is also working on the idea of purchasing hydrogen trains, which have already proven their safety and efficiency in Germany, France and Italy.

The Deputy Minister of Transport said he hoped such trains would be delivered in Bulgaria within the next 3 years.

Currently, a hydrogen-powered train can travel 1000 km without charging and only with 90 litres of fuel.