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‘The Day Begins with Culture’ presents the most interesting events from the cultural life in Bulgaria and abroad. If you are going to work or travelling at the time the show is being broadcast, just click on our website to watch it.

Each edition of ‘The Day Begins with Culture’ features interviews with interesting people and events, presenting them from a different angle.

One of the sections of the show, called ‘Malki Portreti’ (‘Little Portraits) reveals the cultural interests of famous public figures and politicians in Bulgaria. These are ministers, doctors, MPs, lawyers, engineers and sports people. It is always interesting to find out how they started and developed their career, what they like reading in their free time and what they find exciting. What makes them laugh or cry and what moves or hurts them. ‘Little portraits ‘ is broadcast every Monday. The author is Vessela Petrova.

‘London Art‘ is our correspondence from the United Kingdom. In this section viewers can find out more about the interests of the British people, about the activities of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London and how British viewers assess the cultural guest-performances of Bulgarian artists in the UK. Rumyana Blagoeva is our correspondent in London.

‘Biblioteka – BNT’ (‘Library – BNT’) is situated in the foyer of the main entrance of the BNT building in 29 “San Stefano” street in Sofia. This section of the show is a continuation of the section called “Stolat’ (‘The Chair’) from the highly rated BNT formats ‘The Big and Little Reading’. The idea of the ‘Library’ is each BNT viewer to bring his/her favourite book and leave it in the library so someone else can borrow it to read it. Anyone can take a book, but also has to leave a different one in the library. Thus the ‘Library –BNT’ stock will have a permanent flow of readers and availability of books. The idea about the library is Nikolai Kolev’s.

‘Ezik Moi’ (‘My language’) is hosted by professor Vladko Murdarov and attracts more and more viewers, because the distinguished linguist, translator and thinker explains the most frequent mistakes people make in their spoken language, but Professor Murdarov presents them in an especially artistic and skilful manner. Words and language reflect our thoughts and if the spoken language we use is accurate, the message will be conveyed quickly. This educational feature of the programme is broadcast every Friday. The aim is by identifying the humorous side of the mistakes to help viewers speak Bulgarian language correctly.

‘NATFIZ Krastyo Sarafov’ (English: Krastyo Sarafov NATFA) – academy for talents’ presents the training of students for their performances on stage in theatre and in films. Who are the youngest actors on stage and how they get trained. The feature is broadcast twice a month as part of the programme ‘The Day Begins with Culture’.

Our programme welcomes new proposals by viewers. We hope to see them on our facebook page and in our mail. Please provide your feedback on what you would like to watch and what you did not enjoy watching.

Vessela Petrova – Executive Producer

Team: Anna Angelova, Georgi Angelov

Editor: Nadezhda Moskovska

Nikolai Kolev – Executive Producer

Team: Aleksandra Gyuzeleva, Nikolai Kolev

Editor: Emiliya Savcheva