Strong winds are expected in the eastern part of the country. The Silistra border checkpoint has been temporarily closed because of the complicated weather conditions in this region. Ferries operating the lines of Svishtov-Zimnich and Nikopol-Turno Magurere remain in the ports. Border police recommend that people use alternative routes.

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The Agency of Road Infrastructure (ARI) reports normal traffic situation on the roads of the national territory and 900 snow ploughs working round-the-clock. Mr. Michail Rashkov of ARI has told BNT that the heaviest traffic is between Vladaja and Sofia. As a whole, the traffic in the rest of the road system is normal. The only mountain pass to be closed is that of Troyan-Karnare. The most difficult traffic situation is in the region of Silistra because of ground blizzards. According to Mr. Rashkov most of the drivers are not ready for the winter which is a serious problem, especially for the truck traffic.

Experts advise drivers to be careful and take into account road conditions, to drive with winter tyres and flawless windscreen wipers, to travel with charged cell phones.

Code Yellow weather alert means potentially dangerous weather. Weather phenomena in the forecast are not uncommon but require carefulness when working in the open air. You should follow the weather forecasts and not take superfluous risks.