Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Borissov met with energy experts from the State Department and the US State Department of Energy...

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Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Borissov met with energy experts from the State Department and the US State Department of Energy, the press office of the Council of Ministers announced on December 10.

"The most important is that President Trump understood and encouraged us that as NATO members we are extremely loyal and good partners that can be used as a good example. Secondly, the Balkan Stream and the interconnector with Greece are helping to truly diversify the entire region. And thirdly, that nuclear energy should not live under any dogma, especially when it comes to green energy, clean air, quality of life," Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said. Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev and Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova also attended the meeting.

The delegation of US energy experts arrived in Bulgaria to fulfill the agreements reached during Prime Minister Borissov's meeting with US President Donald Trump on November 25, 2019 in Washington. "The future of coal plants is by no means rosy, especially now that the European Commission is adopting the Green Europe Plan. So Belene and Kozloduy become two very important sites not only for diversification, but also for our energy balance for the future, in 10 years," PM Borissov told the US energy experts. He added that he had defended his theses on the issue during his official visit to the White House - before President Trump, before Vice President Pence and before Secretary of State Pompeo.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Borissov also stressed that the cooperation with the USA will contribute to strengthening Bulgaria's energy security and diversification of energy sources and routes, including through the import of liquefied natural gas under favourable conditions for the country. "Nuclear energy could be a good basis for developing a partnership between the two countries," the PM told the US experts.

He stressed that for Bulgaria nuclear energy plays an important role in ensuring national, regional and European energy security. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State at the US Department of State's Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Ann Ganzer emphasized the very good meeting that Prime Minister Borissov had with President Trump. "The people in Washington are still talking about it. It seems they were very impressed by you. My boss Christopher Ford, whom you met, also has very good impressions, "added Ganzer.

Yesterday, US energy experts visited Belene NPP site. The purpose of their visit is to get acquainted with the details of the work of the energy companies in Bulgaria. Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova presented to the delegation on Monday the technical parameters of Belene NPP project and emphasized our country's experience in nuclear energy with the successful management of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant at the highest safety standards. In the coming days, US experts will visit Maritza-East 2 TPP and Kozloduy NPP.

During the meeting with PM Borissov it was pointed out that the energy sector provides a wide field for cooperation between Bulgaria and the USA. The talks focused on successful partnerships between the two countries, leading to progress in diversifying energy resources.

This year, Bulgaria for the first time realizes deliveries of liquefied natural gas originating in the USA. Progress was also made on the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector as an energy infrastructure of strategic importance for security of supply in Southeast Europe.