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Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) puts into circulation the fourth banknote of a new series, of 10 leva (BGN) denomination, on June 12 2020, as a legal tender, the BNB announced on May 22.

Тhe overall design and the main elements of the new banknote series are preserved without no significant changes compared with the banknotes already in circulation.. The changes are related to the introduction of new security features, which in the banknote with a face value of BGN 10, issue 2020, are an additional mark for visually impaired people – two thick and eight thin lines at an angle along the short sides of the banknote.

Holographic tape with optical effects - alternating when changing the angle of observation images of the globe with a telescope and a planet; color holographic portrait of Dr. Peter Beron; images of an "upright crowned lion" with a dynamic effect and a three-dimensional image of the number "10".

There is also a hologram stripe with optical effects – images of the earth globe, a telescope, and a planet, alternating when the banknote is tilted; a coloured hologram portrait of Dr. Petar Beron; images of a ‘crowned lion’ with a dynamic effect and a 3D image of the number 10.

There is a security thread - embedded in the paper, partially protruding into sectors on the reverse side, with a bright repeating text "BNB 10" and with a diagonal dynamic effect, changing colour from golden to green. The image of the repeating text "BNB 10" is read by the obverse when holding the banknote against a light source.

The new banknote has a high resolution watermark - observed when holding the banknote against a light source. It consists of a high-resolution half-tone image of the portrait of Dr. Peter Beron. The image is also seen on the reverse of the banknote.

Banknotes with a face value of BGN 10, issues in 1999 and 2008, continue to be in circulation together with banknotes with a face value of BGN 10, issue 2020.