Bulgaria is to receive the first deliveries of liquified natural gas from a terminal in Greece, Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenouzhka Petkova told the press. In this way Bulgaria gets a second provider of blue fuel, alternative to Russia.

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The unloading of overall 140 mln m3 of liquified gas from an American tanker started late Thursday night at the Reviatuza gas terminal in Greece.

According to Energy Minister Petkova there will be two shipments of gas: one of 90 mln m3 and another of 50 mln m3 - for the second and the third quarter of the year respectively.

The gas will reach Bulgaria via the 2-stage reversive gas connection near the town of Petrich which has the capacity of 4.5 mln m3 per 24 hours.

The curious fact is that the price agreed for the liquified gas is lower than that of the conventional gas which the country gets from Russia and the economic effect will be 15 mln lv.