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“The Library” is a programme about literature and book culture. It is a synthesis between comments in the studio and review of the latest books.

“The Library” will also present the most recent literary and cultural events – competitions, prizes, campaigns, festivals, book fairs and readings.

The show is structured around a discussion in the TV studio. The topic is further developed and supported by reportages, surveys and other forms of visualization and points of view.

Two books will be presented in each episode. The guests, commentators and critiques in the studio will participate in a dynamic dialogue, through which they will present the contemporary picture of literary and cultural life in the country.

Constant topic of “The Library” is the relation between publicity and literature, authorship and morality, literature and critical analysis, which will be discussed in the features “Book of the Week” and “A Book in 60 Seconds”.

“The Library” is a successor of 2006 show of the same name, whose author and presenter was Georgi Tenev and the show “The Day Begins in the Library”, presented by Andrei Zahariev.

The show will be broadcast on Saturdays, from 09.00 to 10.00 a.m. from the National Book Centre in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.

The presenters are Georgi Angelov and Andrei Zahariev.