A centre of ancient crafts is to be created in the village of Razhdavitsa near the southwestern city of Kjustendil. Members of "Roden Kraj" local patriotic association have reconstructed a 100-year bakery. Whoever wants may come to the bakery to try and make different types of bread using old Bulgarian recipes.

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The century old bakery in the centre of Razhdavitsa village has not been used for years and faced total destruction. The oven is built of stones and mud at a place to be accessible for all the households.

Borislav Krumov, chair of "Roden Kraj" NGO, explains that every household used to bake its bread in the oven once a week. In that way it was kept working. Local people baked ritual bread and Yeaster lambs there too. The fire of the oven has been lit again with the revival of the old folk day celebrating bread.

Members of "Roden Kraj" intend to create in the bakery's yard a museum of ancient, almost forgotten crafts such of basket work, weaving, pottery and woodcarving. The idea is attract tourists from neighbouring Serbia to get them acquainted with the traditions and folklore of Kjustendil region.