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‘Ai da idem’ (English: ‘Let’s go’)

An hour of folk music presented by Nina Shopska and Stoyan Vesselinski. The show is produced by BNT 2 Blagoevgrad regional centre. Aired on Saturdays at 11.30 a.m.

The team of the show presents traditions and folklore from around Bulgaria, searches for forgotten customs and rituals and introduces the viewers to musical instruments typical for the regions, to the craftsmen who made them and to the virtuosos that use them. There is singing, dancing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Tradition prescribes we follow the old customs, cook meals from our grandmother’s recipes, sing the songs of our grandfathers and pass them over to the younger generations. Do we however remember the rituals?

‘Ai da idem’ brings them back to our memory, every Saturday at 11:30 on BNT2.